Salah Ali

Community Leader

Salah Ali, community leader, is an automotive engineer and community activist. For years he has been working to improve air quality in Dearborn, and recently, through GLPAN, raising awareness about PFAS issues in Southwest Detroit. Salah serves on the MI Advisory Council on Environmental Justice and is on the transition team for Dearborn’s newly elected mayor Abdullah Hammoud.

Why did you become a Community Leader in the Great Lakes PFAS Action Network?

Although PFAS contamination is not as critical in Dearborn and the metro-Detroit area as in Belmont and Oscoda, it is important to proactively fight against PFAS contamination before it becomes reactionary. Great Lakes PFAS Action Network is an organization that has a wealth of knowledge in water preservation that would serve my community well.

How is GLPAN making an impact on PFAS contamination?

GLPAN is making a positive impact to communities around the state. Understanding first hand the negative impacts of PFAS contamination, GPLAN addresses the issue by educating the public and working with legislators to pass legislation to improve the environment while holding corporate polluters accountable.

What would you tell someone who recently found out they have PFAS contamination in their community?

To contact GLPAN to learn about resources available to support their community and advise to join the organization to strengthen their effort to fight against PFAS contamination.