PFAS + Huron County

PFAS + Huron County

As a Huron County resident, you and the 31,105 people living in your community need to stay informed about the threat posed by toxic PFAS contamination.

A quick look at the numbers in Huron County:

  • There is 1 site contaminated with toxic PFAS.
  • 23% of residents are over the age of 65, and their health can be aggravated by PFAS contamination.
  • 4.7% are children, who are especially vulnerable to PFAS.

To combat the harmful effects of PFAS, we must:

  • Raise awareness of PFAS contamination in Huron County waterways, and conduct local events to educate boaters and swimmers of the risks associated with PFAS.
  • Recruit volunteers in key communities such as Pigeon and Bad Axe to get the word out about this risk to our community.
  • Raise awareness of potential PFAS contamination in Huron County waterways.

Join the Great Lakes PFAS Action Network and share your story.

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