Cathy Wusterbarth

Community Leader

Cathy Wusterbarth, community leader, is a registered dietician and co-leader/founder of Need Our Water (NOW), Oscoda, where she lives. She helped form the organization after the discovery of PFAS contamination from the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base. Cathey has also helped lead NOW, Oscoda to call for action from the U.S. Air Force to clean up PFAS contamination in the Oscoda community.

Why did you become a Community Leader in the Great Lakes PFAS Action Network?

When I started my journey as an "accidental activist" I wanted to find a way for others to have an empowered path with this difficult issue. I learned there are others out there that have the same mission and want to help our communities. It was in that desire that I linked with GLPAN to help others on this journey.

How is GLPAN making an impact on PFAS contamination?

Linking with others creates a conversation, promoting thoughtful action towards protecting ourselves, our families and our environment. GLPAN's mission, resources and support help people navigate these, most often, uncharted waters by those affected by PFAS contamination.

What would you tell someone who recently found out they have PFAS contamination in their community?

Get help from other communities who have experienced these unfortunate exposures to PFAS. Depending on the government or worse yet, the polluters, to guide you through this journey will most certainly rob you of precious time. Linking with communities will save you an enormous amount of time and energy so that you can do the things that you love.